Why QC Bike Collective? #1 = OPEN SHOP

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There are many benefits to a non-profit, community bike shop and we are going to try to articulate some of them in the weeks to come. It is important to start with OPEN SHOP. Open Shop is the basic premise on which this Bike Collective was formed and remains the central focus of our efforts. This is time set aside from other demands, to open our doors, and welcome any and all community members to bring their bike in and get help to get/keep it running.

We are lucky to have a new video to share. Elijah shares what his bike and working with QC Bike Collective means to him – Elijah on QC Bike Collective

If you haven’t come in during a spring/summer/fall Open Shop, we hope you do. Winter is more quiet, with less traffic, but a good time to talk and share. Open Shop is a difficult concept to attract funding. Your financial support is very welcome. Thank you.

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