Group Rides!


Beginning May 20, 2023 Queen City Bicycle Collective will once again be hosting regular group rides. Here’s the tentative schedule.

For more information, updates, and  ride cancellations, check the Events page.

05/20/23Sat2:00 PMManch Social
05/27/23Sat9:00 AMLong Road
05/31/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
06/07/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
06/10/23Sat10:00 AMFamily/All Welcome
06/14/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
06/21/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
06/24/23Sat10:00 AMFamily/All Welcome
06/28/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
07/05/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
07/12/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
07/19/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
07/22/23Sat2:00 PMManch Social
07/26/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
08/02/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
08/05/23Sat9:00 AMLong Road
08/09/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
08/16/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
08/19/23Sat2:00 PMManch Social
08/23/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
08/30/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
09/02/23Sat10:00 AMFamily/All Welcome
09/06/23Wed5:30 PMGravel
09/16/23Sat9:00 AMLong Road
10/31/23Tue5:30 PMHalloween Ride

General Info:

All rides start at the shop at 35 Elm Street. They end either at the shop, or at a pub/cafe/restaurant close by, if the group decides to add on some social time. Bring lights and a helmet if you have them. 

Manch Social:

This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to get around our city on two wheels. We will connect our cycle lanes, trails, and back-alley passages to show you how to get to the best places this city has to offer. This ride is open to everyone, from seasoned veterans to riders who just dusted off their old bike after a long time. Feel free to join for coffee or drinks afterwards! Contact Flo at for questions.

Long Road:

Let’s get out of the city and take over the backroads of our surrounding towns! We will be riding about 30 to 60 miles to different locations, stopping for coffee, snacks or ice cream along the way. The average pace will be around 13-15 mph but we will adjust depending on the ability of riders who show up. No-drop: No one gets left behind. The route will be posted on our calendar on the website ahead of time. Contact Flo at for questions.


Get off the roads and onto the trails after work! Meet at QC Bike every Wednesday for a ride on the gravel and unpaved trails connected to Manchester. This ride will consist of 15-20 miles of rail trail, fire roads, biking trails, and dirt roads. Any hybrid or mountain bike will work for this ride and we will adjust the route depending on the riders who show up. There will be an option to grab some food and drinks near the end of the ride. All abilities are welcome to come and try out some gravel and trail riding! Contact Elyza at for questions.

Family/All Welcome:

This ride is for families, those who might not feel comfortable on surface roads, and anyone looking to take it easy. While these rides will officially start at the QC Bike Collective at 10am, they will stop at a trailhead to meet riders who prefer to stay on-trail. From the trailhead, rides will be out-and-back with a total distance of 3-5mi at <10mph. Spontaneous stops to look at wildlife, have snacks, and adjust trailer occupants may be included. Trailhead locations for these rides along with trailhead meetup times will be posted on QC Bike social media and available via email at

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