Join us for our first Family, Accessibility, All Welcome Ride!


Join us on Saturday, June 10, at 10 AM at 35 Elm Street for our first Family/Accessibility/All Welcome Ride of the year!

If you can’t attend, not to worry! There are two more! Check the calendar on the Events page for more information!

The plan is to leave from The Collective and head to the Piscataquog Trail via Sundial Ave and pick up any folks that don’t want to ride on the street – for those skipping the shop, we’ll meet at the trailhead at Sundail and Dunbar. We will ride about 45 min out and 45 min back depending on how the group feels. We may have a contingent that does only 20 min each way.

This ride is for families, those who might not feel comfortable on surface roads, and anyone looking to take it easy. While these rides will officially start at QC Bike Collective at 10am, they will stop at a trailhead to meet riders who prefer to stay on-trail. From the trailhead, rides will be out-and-back with a total distance of 3-5mi at <10mph. Spontaneous stops to look at wildlife, have snacks, and adjust trailer occupants may be included. Trailhead locations for these rides along with trailhead meetup times will be posted on QC Bike social media and available via email at

For more information and any day of changes, visit the Events page.

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