About Us


Queen City Bicycle Collective’s mission is to get, and keep, the Manchester community riding bicycles, safely and  affordably.

We provide space, tools, and equipment, so that community members can repair their bicycles at minimal cost, with our help. We also accept donated bicycles, salvage useful parts & recycle them, or return them to working order & sell them at an affordable price.

Meet our Board

Diane Brewster

Abby Easterly


Kim Keegan

Kyle Viator

Abbie Briscoe-Griffiths

Tyler Glodt


Garrett McLarty

Peter Burant

Matthew Grote

Peter Tamposi

Kyle Winters


Meet our Staff

Abby Easterly

Volunteer Executive Director

Tyler Glodt

Shop Manager

Anuvi Rosario

Mechanic in Training

Zachary Nunnink


Our History

In January 2020, we welcomed 6 new members to our Board of Directors who are passionate about our work and our mission.

In mid March 2020, we closed operations in response to the COVID-19 situation.

We reopened in April 2020 after reimagining our operations: hiring a strong mechanic and conducting operations via appointment.

In August 2020, we were able to hire our apprentice mechanic.

We would like to thank S&W Sports, Bike Barn, Cycles Etc & Jake’s Bike Shop for their generous support.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Greater Manchester community for all of the support they continue to show us!


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