Ribbon Cutting for First Fixit Bike Repair Station

Manchester, NH – On Friday, December 18th at 12:00 noon, Queen City Bicycle Collective and the City of Manchester Parks and Recreation Division will cut the ribbon on a Fixit public bike repair station in Bronstein Park. The Fixit station — funded through a grant from the Granite State Wheelers — will allow cyclists in Manchester to make minor bike repairs on the go.

“Bikes are a vital mode of transportation for many people in Manchester, and this Fixit station will help keep them riding, safely and affordably,” said Abby Easterly, Executive Director of Queen City Bike Collective (QC Bike). “We’re grateful for the generosity of the Granite State Wheelers, and the commitment of our partners at Bike Manchester and Manchester Parks and Recreation to keeping Manchester rolling.”

The Fixit station will provide a selection of basic tools and an air pump, which can be used to make minor, necessary repairs. This is the first Fixit station installed in Manchester, but the plan will be expanded in 2021 with secured funding. QC Bike plans to have additional stations installed, and provide revolving, do-it-together clinics at the various locations.

QC Bike continues to work to make biking safer and more convenient for people who live, learn, or work in Manchester. They are currently studying bike infrastructure use, areas of need, and room for potential growth, throughout the Queen City.

“With the installation of this new Fixit station, cyclists in our city will be able to make quick repairs on the go,” said Mayor Joyce Craig. “Thanks to the work of QC Bike Collective, the Manchester Parks and Recreation Division and the generosity of Granite State Wheelers we’re continuing to make Manchester a more bike-friendly community.”

“We have a real opportunity to improve bike riding in Manchester, both for people who rely on their bikes to commute year-round, and people who want to bike more for health or recreation,” Easterly added. “By increasing access to bike infrastructure, and providing resources to keep bikes rolling, we will be able to reduce our collective carbon footprint, improve access to transportation for people who cannot afford a car, cut the resources we need to spend on our road network, and improve the overall health of our community.”

Bike Light Distribution

Keeping Manchester, NH, Bicycle Community “Bright, Seen, and Safe”

Queen City Bicycle Collective is giving away LED light sets as part of its Wrench-a-Thon 2019 work marathon

Manchester, NH – November 27, 2019 – Queen City Bicycle Collective (QC Bike; Manchester, NH) is giving away light sets for bicycle safety illumination. “We want to keep our community bright, seen, and safe,” says Tyler Glodt, Shop Manager. Conforming to New Hampshire requirements for after-dark bicycling, these light sets consist of a white light for the front of the bike and a red one for the rear. The lights come with long-lasting batteries, which can later be replaced for free at QC Bike on 35 Elm St., Manchester, NH. Light sets are available at the shop, and at the Manchester City Library, both the main and west branches, during open hours. Ask for these lights at the Information Desk at the library. Light sets will be available until the supply runs out. Donations are welcome and can extend the supply of lights..

Wrench-a-Thon is a dedicated work marathon across three days at QC Bike. Held annually, the goal is to refurbish bikes for QC Bike’s Earn-a-Bike program. This third annual event will be held across 28 hours between December 6 and 8, 2019. Wrench-a-Thon is open to any and all volunteers and supporters – no mechanical experience required – though many who attend already have some bike-repair experience. “These people have rolled up their sleeves and have ‘wrenched’ with us or helped us in other ways,” says Kyle Winters, QC Bike Board member. “People are the cogs that keep QC Bike rolling, and we’d love for you to help us in this year’s Wrench-A-Thon.” Volunteers often register for one or more 3-hour shifts. Shifts are loosely structured. Refreshments, including home-baked cookies and coffee, will be provided. Sign-up using the calendar tab at the QC Bike website, https://qcbike.org/calendar/, or just show up at the shop at 35 Elm St., Manchester, NH, Friday, December 6, 1:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.; Saturday, December 7, 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.; or Sunday, 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

QC Bike’s Earn-a-Bike program provides two Manchester schools with about 120 bike, helmet, lights, and lock packages to students as awards for academic and leadership excellence. These are refurbished bikes supported by grants and donations from QC Bike community partners.

About QC Bike Collective

Queen City Bicycle Collective (QC Bike) is now a 501(c)(3), nonprofit, community bike shop. The shop’s mission is to help Manchester-area residents ride safe and affordable bikes, and gain the skills to repair and maintain them. Think of QC Bike as an affordable do-it-yourself bike repair – and sales – shop. Bikes donated by individuals and community partners are cleaned and refurbished for sale and for the Collective’s Earn-a-Bike program. What cannot be refurbished is dismantled and the constituent components reused or recycled. Excess stock of bikes and parts are shared with other nonprofit groups. Nothing goes to waste.


Wrench-a-Thon 2019

Message from Kyle Winters

When? Dec 6th-8th

We made it! Dec 6th-8th marks our 3rd annual Wrench-A-Thon! If you are reading this, then you are the Collective. You’ve rolled up your sleeves and wrenched with us or helped in other ways. People like you are the cogs (get it?) that keep the Collective rolling (get it, again?), and we’d love for you help us with this year’s Wrench-A-Thon. The truth is, as we have been so fortunate to grow the number of people we serve, we need your help more than ever.

What is it? 

The Collective’s volunteers, like you and me, put in 24 (28?!) hours of work in closed shop over the course of three days. Volunteers often register for one or more 3-hour shifts.  More importantly, it’s a wonderful weekend of greasy bike refurbishment, gallons of Gojo, home-baked cookies, coffee, Tyler in a silly hat, and one shared effort to continue building community in Manchester.

The details:

Sign-ups can be found here

Shifts are loosely structured, so if they don’t line up perfectly with your availability, no sweat, just pick one that is close. Don’t want to click the link? Just let us know a time, and we will mark you down.

Gathering of Supporters!

Oct 30 at To Share Brewery

If you ARE, or want to consider being, a supporter of your community bike shop, by

    • Bike(s)
    • Parts
    • Supplies
    • $ (one time or sustaining)

Come meet with us at

To Share Brewery

720 Union Street, Manchester

OCTOBER 30th from 5-8 PM

RSVP to Gathering!

To Share is opening exclusively for QC Bike and you ARE or CAN BE part of it!

Come down and CELEBRATE! LEARN more about QC Bike and have some FUN!

Bike Swap @ S&W for CNHBC

We brought 8 very nice bikes to sell on Saturday, July 27 @ CNHBC swap @ S & W Sports!

QC Bike Collective 2019 Swap Bikes July
Wheel SizeMakeModelColor
700CenturionIron Manred
26Fuji25th Anniversaryblack/purple
700Trek1.2white & blue
700Quintana RooLucerogrey
26SpecializedRock Hopperblue
700RedlineConquest Cyclo-Xwhite & blue

CNHBC swap @ S&W May 18 & 19

We delivered 28 swap bikes to S&W Sports in Concord for the annual CNHBC swap event, to be held on Saturday, May 18 & Sunday, May 19th. This is a great swap and a source of serious revenue for Queen City Bicycle Collective. We encourage you to come shop and support this effort. Here is a list of our 2019 swap bikes.

QC Bike Collective 2019 Swap Bikes
Wheel SizeMakeModelColorPrice
700FujiPalisade 1.0blue$250
24SpecializedHot Rocksilver$125
24JamisFesterdark bronze$100
20SpecializedHot Rockpink$70
24SpecializedHot Rockred$100
26Gary FisherKai Taiyellow$200
26RaleighEVA 3.0silver$225
26Trek4300dark grey$275
700Trek7.1FXdark blue$225
700KonaJake the Snakeblack$600
16infinityfolding bikeblack$100
16infinityfolding bikeblack$100
24K2Zed24blue & white$125
700FujiCrosstowndark blue$175
700TrekTCT 5000blue$500
26CannondaleScalpellime green$500
26TrekFuel EX7grey$500
700Quintana RooLucerogrey$1,000