Queen City Bicycle Collective’s 2024 Group Rides!

It’s that time again! It’s nice outside, so let’s ride! Below is our tentative schedule for this year’s group rides. More detailed and up-to-date information can be found on the Events page calendar and on our Strava page. Hope to see ya!

DateDayTypeDepartingDeparting From
Jun 12WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
Jun 16SundayLonger Road/Gravel10:00 AMTBD²
Jun 19WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
Jun 26WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
Jul 3WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
Jul 7SundayLonger Road/Gravel10:00 AMTBD²
Jul 10WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
Jul 17WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
Jul 21SundayLonger Road/Gravel10:00 AMTBD²
Jul 24WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
Jul 31WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
Aug 4SundayLonger Road/Gravel10:00 AMTBD²
Aug 7WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
Aug 14WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
Aug 18SundayLonger Road/Gravel10:00 AMTBD²
Aug 21WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
Aug 28WednesdayCommunity Trail5:45 PMRockingham Trailhead (271 Mammoth Rd.)¹
¹Anyone wanting to bike to/from downtown is welcome to depart at 5:15 PM  from Queen City Bicycle Collective  (35 Elm St.) 
²Rides will start at various trailheads, or at 35 Elm Street. Departure location will be posted at least 24 hours prior to ride.

General Info:

All ride information (including departure location) and any other updates will be posted on our Events page and communicated through our Strava group – Join Queen City Bike Collective to stay up to date!

Community Trail Rides:

Get off the roads and onto the trails after work! Meet at the start of the Rockingham Recreation Trail (271 Mammoth Rd) every Wednesday at 5:45pm for a ride on the unpaved rail trails and single/double track trails connected to Manchester. Anyone wanting to bike to/from downtown is welcome to depart at 5:15 PM  from Queen City Bicycle Collective  (35 Elm St.) to bike to the trailhead. This ride will consist of 10-15 miles of rail trail, fire roads, biking trails, and dirt roads. Any hybrid or mountain bike will work for this ride and we will adjust the route depending on the riders who show up. There will be an option to grab some food and drinks near the end of the ride. All abilities are welcome to come and try out some trail riding! Contact Elyza at elyzaagosta@gmail.com for questions.

Longer Road/Gravel Rides:

Every two weeks, we’ll mix it up with a longer group ride on our local roads. Discover the best roads, hills, trails and scenery surrounding our city on this casual, no-drop ride. The rides will range from 15 to 50 miles in length and include coffee stops at some of the best local coffee shops. The exact route will be posted on Strava the week before, including the meeting place and start time, so stay tuned!

While these rides may be a bit more challenging due to their length, we commit to providing an inclusive environment for riders of all abilities. The pace of each ride is set by the abilities of the riders who join and we take plenty of breaks to refuel and catch a breath. Contact Florian Tschurtschenthaler at florian.tsch@gmail.com for questions.\

CNHBC 15th Annual Bike Swap!

If you’re looking for a good deal on a bike, or would like to consign your bike for sale, consider checking out Central New Hampshire Bike Coalition’s 15th annual bike swap!

Date and Time

Drop Off: Wednesday, May 15th through Friday, May 17th from 11am until 5pm

Sale: Saturday May 18th, 9am-5pm & Sunday May 19th, 9am-1pm

Pick Up: Sunday, May 19th from 1- 5pm, Monday, May 20th from 10-6 and Tuesday, May 21st from 10-6.

S&W Sports and CNHBC are not responsible for any unsold bikes left after 6pm on Tuesday May 21st.

If a consigned bike sells at the swap, the owner will receive 75% of the proceeds, in the form of a check, and 25% will be donated to CNHBC.

CNHBC is a non-profit bicycling advocacy organization with a volunteer board of directors comprised of community members, with a goal of making bicycling safer, more enjoyable and more accessible. 


We will NOT be accepting any unsafe, un-ridable or department store bikes for consignment.

We will not be accepting any bike racks, bike parts or trainers for consignment.

These items may be donated to CNHBC for future projects at any time.

¡Taco Tour Bike Valet Parking!

Get ready, everybody…It’s Taco Tour 2024!!

Skip the traffic and ride your bike to this year’s Taco Tour, from 3:30 to 8 PM on Thursday, May 2, 2024! QC Bike will once again be offering complimentary bike valet parking at Stanton Plaza during this year’s Taco Tour.

Click here to pre-register!

Click here if you’re interested in helping during the event!

We’re looking for a Shop Lead!

We are starting the search for our next Shop Lead

Check below for more details!

Queen City Bicycle Collective – Shop Lead

Our Shop Lead ensures that the bikes which are repaired, sold, and delivered by QC Bike are safe, functional, and reliable. The bikes donated to QC Bike all need work. The Shop Lead will bring the enthusiasm needed to fix these bikes, directly, and by supporting volunteers in the development of their skills and confidence as mechanics. 

With ample support and training, your day-to-day would include: 

+ Building bicycles. You’ll build and make repairs to bicycles that will be sold or otherwise delivered by QC Bike. You’ll make use of our large supply of used parts to get bicycles up and running. You’ll work with the Executive Director to prioritize building bicycles that will be sold to the public, as well as those that support our ongoing voucher programs. Your efforts will dovetail seamlessly with the work of other paid staff and our volunteer mechanics. 

+ Performing safety checks. You’ll ensure bicycles finished by others are in good working order and safe. This includes checking that components  are adjusted correctly and are in good condition, checking shifting and limit screws, ensuring all bolts are tightened, checking for play in bearings, making sure the wheels are true, etc. You’ll either be fixing these problems yourself, or will be cataloging and delegating the necessary repairs to volunteers to complete.

+ Helping to manage orders and inventory. You’ll communicate with the Executive Director to ensure that all necessary parts and tools are available at the Collective. You’ll assist with managing orders from QBP and J+B.

+ Orienting new volunteers and shop users. From the outset, you’ll be able to make volunteers and members of the public feel welcome in the workshop, showing our bicycle repair workflow, where tools and consumables are kept, etc. 

+ Leading Closed Shop sessions that empower volunteers to become better mechanics.  You’ll be ready and willing to pass on your skills and passion to our volunteer mechanics, to help us grow our Collective’s capacity.  With the shop closed to the public, you’ll help provide increased production while also providing nurturing, hands-on educational experiences that develop and strengthen our mechanical volunteers.

+ Diagnosing and repairing bikes during Open Shop Hours. With time and training you’ll be able to independently diagnose problems, and help lead community members in making appropriate repairs to their bikes. You will also provide support and oversight to volunteer mechanics in the space.

About You 

+ You love all bikes, not only high-end and modern bikes. Most of our donated bikes are 10-70 years old, ranging from bike-boom and department store bikes to middle-of-the-road 90’s rigid-fork mountain bikes, with the rare higher-end bike mixed in 

+ You have reason to think of yourself as a bike mechanic, and are willing to share what you do, and work on learning what you don’t already know. Maybe you have a couple of years of bike shop experience, or maybe something equivalent. Either way, you’re able to diagnose and fix many of the most common issues in bike repair. You’re comfortable researching, trying out, and asking for help with what you don’t know. 

+ You are a good leader and teacher. You’re someone volunteers and staff will look to for support, particularly  when fixing bikes gets tricky. You’re able to facilitate positive, supportive  learning experiences, and will apply that to your work at QC Bike.

+  You’re able to creatively solve problems. Sometimes we don’t have the perfect substitution; you’re able to cobble together a work-around that is almost as good as or better than the original. 

+ You’re an effective multitasker. During shop hours you’ll be repairing bikes, while maintaining awareness of the whole shop – is someone stuck on a bottom bracket, frustrated setting up cantilever brakes, or does someone have a load of bikes to donate? You’ll be able to step in to offer assistance. You also wouldn’t mind being pulled away from your task to answer a question or provide a demonstration. 

+ You want to help fill the world with bike mechanics and nurture everyone’s love for bicycling.  From your one-on-one interactions, to your part in helping us craft a safe and welcoming space for all of our community, you make sure that folks in the shop feel welcomed and empowered to learn the art of turning a wrench on a bike!

We are looking for candidates who are passionate (about bikes, our Do-It-Yourself/Do-It-Together ethos, community development, & education), and who have real enthusiasm for the hands-on skill building our work offers.  We recognize that passion and enthusiasm are paramount to our success, and are, therefore, willing to provide the ideal candidate with ample training, in any and all areas necessary for them to succeed in this role. As such, potential applicants who have interest, passion, and enthusiasm, but who feel they may lack the technical know-how, are very much encouraged to apply.

We are committed to building a welcoming work environment that treats everyone with fairness and respect. We do not discriminate in practices or employment opportunities on the basis of an individual’s race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veteran status, disability, or any other category protected by federal, state, or local regulations. 

Rate: $20 – $24 per hour

Hours: 30 – 40 per week

Modest but flexible benefit package included

Please send an expression of interest to tyler@qcbike.org.

We plan to fill this position as soon as we find the right candidate. 

Protect City Bike Lanes and a Statewide Survey

QC Bike wants to help make bicycle riding and walking more safe and accessible for everyone in our community, and we believe you do too. Below is information on important and urgent initiatives that you can take action on and provide support for today. We will continue to share important updates and opportunities of this nature ranging from the local level to nationwide.

ACTION ITEM #1: Help Protect the Bike Lanes

Deadline: January 16, 2024

Update 1/13/24: The BMA agenda for January 16th has been posted an does not include any proposals to remove bike lanes. Thank you to everyone who called and emailed their Alderman!

It appears that the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) may vote to remove some of Manchester’s bike lanes, at their next meeting on January 16.

Queen City Bicycle Collective supports a cohesive, well-designed network of bike lanes and bike/pedestrian trails that improve economic vitality, transportation equity, and safety for all citizens.

Please call and email your Alderman and advise them on why you support keeping and expanding our bike lane network.

QC Bike is watching this space and will provide additional information as soon as it is available.

Contact Your Alderman

ACTION ITEM #2: Bike-Walk Alliance Survey

Deadline: January 14, 2024

Bike-Walk Alliance (BWANH), a statewide biking and walking advocacy organization, is asking you to please complete this 4-minute survey to help them better address their mission and stay focused on what matters to you. Click the link below to complete the survey by the January 14, 2024 deadline.

BWANH Survey

Join us for our Long Road Ride!

August 5, 2023 at 9 AM from our shop at 35 Elm Street!

Let’s get out of the city and take over the backroads of our surrounding towns! We will be riding about 30 to 60 miles to different locations, stopping for coffee, snacks or ice cream along the way. The average pace will be around 13-15 mph but we will adjust depending on the ability of riders who show up. No-drop: No one gets left behind. The route will be posted on our calendar on the website ahead of time. Contact Flo at florian.tsch@gmail.com for questions.