Why QC Bike Collective? #1 = OPEN SHOP

There are many benefits to a non-profit, community bike shop and we are going to try to articulate some of them in the weeks to come. It is important to start with OPEN SHOP. Open Shop is the basic premise on which this Bike Collective was formed and remains the central focus of our efforts. This is time set aside from other demands, to open our doors, and welcome any and all community members to bring their bike in and get help to get/keep it running.

We are lucky to have a new video to share. Elijah shares what his bike and working with QC Bike Collective means to him – Elijah on QC Bike Collective

If you haven’t come in during a spring/summer/fall Open Shop, we hope you do. Winter is more quiet, with less traffic, but a good time to talk and share. Open Shop is a difficult concept to attract funding. Your financial support is very welcome. Thank you.

Grand Opening

QC Bike has a new location and a new formal name.

You are invited to Queen City Bicycle Collective’s

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

Monday, September 17th from 5 pm to 7 pm

35 Elm Street Manchester, NH 03101

Brief program at 5:45 pm
Light refreshments

We want to share our space. Please come help us celebrate!
RSVP to abby@qcbike.org

New location in July

SOFT OPENING today, July 7th from 12-4 pm.

The move is almost complete and we will open at 35 Elm Street soon.

Unfortunately, the central air conditioning needs to be replaced and the weather report predicts a high of 100 degrees on Tuesday, when we planned to open. Please stay tuned and we will get back open, in our new location, as soon as possible. Maybe even Tuesday.

After more than 3 years at our center city location at 373 Union Street, we are (with mixed emotions!) relocating to 35 Elm Street. The mixed emotions include: gratitude to NeighborWorks Southern New Hampshire for hosting us so long, excitement to have larger space with true storefront visibility, fear of the unknown and the need to pay rent and sadness to leave CENTER city.

It’s not far, but this is a big change. We hope that you all will come find us and help us build out this plan/idea/dream.

We need your help to move and to be successful in our new location. We need your help.

Thank you

How to Donate

Donate Funds

Make Online Donations Here

Cash donations are very helpful and may be made during Open Shop hours.

Via Check

Please bring or send checks to the shop at 35 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101

Can’t make it or have questions? Call/text Abby at (603) 493-1720 or emailabby or tyler, for more information.

Donate Bikes/Parts

Having bicycles to use for our many projects is always important.

We take pains to ensure all donated bicycles achieve their highest use – through allocation to other projects, recycling, or refurbishment.

If you have a bike or gently used parts that could use a new home, we’d love to have them.

To set up a bike donation, check the calendar for an Open Shop time or contact abby or tyler.


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