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Since the 1st of July, QC Bike Collective has had 773 visits by over 400 unique individuals.

The people who visit QC use their bikes for many different reasons, but they all share a common need for the services of a community bike shop. Most need to buy or fix a bike, inexpensively, and many need a chance to work together and learn. Every time our doors are open, more bikes are fixed, stronger connections are made and the collective’s work is more meaningfully shared.

QC Bike is rapidly facing a new challenge: securing new space and the means to pay for it. NeighborWorks Southern New Hampshire has generously donated use of the space at 373 Union Street since we opened, but they need it back before long. It is imperative that, in the coming year, we move to, and have the ability to afford, an adequate space.

Can you help?

It is fair to say that many really count on QC Bike Collective. It is our goal to be an organization that our community can rely upon so that they can in turn rely on their bicycle.

Sonny England is one of the many individuals that QC Bike has helped in our short but impactful history. It had been more than 25 years since Sonny had ridden a bike. Without a license, a bike was his best option, but he was apprehensive. He has limited use of his right hand and was understandably concerned about finding an appropriate bike he could ride safely.

Sonny first came to QC, in February, looking for a bike to make it to work and medical appointments. He left that day on a loaner bike personally customized with modified brake and shifter levers. Two weeks later he came back and bought that bike for $30. All told, he has had four bikes (all from and customized at QC for his use) in less than a year: one was stolen and two more were upgraded through our trade-in plan. He comes to the shop routinely and works with the mechanics to keep his bike working properly.

Sonny started riding a bike because he had to and now he loves to! He reports that it’s good for his health and his state of mind. He says that he’s glad to share his story because of the importance QC has for him and the community as a whole.

To ensure that QC Bike continues to be a reliable, supportive organization in service to the Manchester community, we need your help.

Cash donations can be made through our fiscal agent, NeighborWorks Southern New Hampshire:


Find link to NWSNH, then designate “QC Bike Collective Project”

Mail:  Checks can be written to NWSNH and addressed to NWSNH, PO Box 3968, Manchester, NH, 03105, be sure to write: “QC Bike” in the memo line

In person: Come by the shop at 373 Union Street. Check the calendar, here –

Please call me if you have any questions or would like to learn more about QC Bike’s plans, projects and how you can help in the coming year. Thank you and Happy New Year.


Abby Easterly


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